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Language training and marketing communications



Lake Worth/Palm Beach, Florida  August 13 – 20, 2005

On this 7 day intensive language course you will:


  Considerably improve your English skills

  Learn how to negotiate in English

  Learn how to make successful small talk

  Improve your conversation skills

  Learn how to use your English skills to influence people

Get intensive practice in the world’s most important business-to-business language


Comstar International Oy, one of Finland’s most successful and professional language training organisations, proudly announces the next ENGLISH FOR PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION course to be held in Palm Beach, Florida August 13 - 20, 2005.


This highly intensive seminar is limited to just 12 people, so be sure to send in your application fast. The price of this course is just € 1400 (not including transportation and accommodation).


The daily programme features a 5-hour intensive session in the morning, followed by small group tuition in the afternoon, where groups of three or four people are accompanied by a local professional for intensive practice of the skills learned in the morning session, as well as conversation practice. These sessions take the form of a golf match, business discussion, trip to a place of interest, visit to a local enterprise – activities specially selected to be of interest and of use to the participants.


Suitable for those who have had 4 or more years of English at school

Typical daily programme:

7.30 – 8.30 Breakfast

8.30 – 12.30 Seminar programme

12.30 – 13.30 Working Lunch (during which the

participants will actively discuss various

topics in English

13.30 – 17.30 Small group work 3/4 participants - golf and

conversation or visit to local enterprise

17.30 –19.00 Self study period

19.30 - Evening programme – hosting a formal dinner,

cocktail party etc.



Seminar Programme: 8.30 – 12.30

  The power of the right word

  Conversation strategies

  Negotiation techniques

  Language strategies for influencing people

  Combining verbal and non-verbal communication to achieve maximum influence

  Cross cultural considerations and strategies

  Avoiding words and phrases which cause negative communication

  Making successful small talk.

  The importance of correct language to make a successful first impression

  Language awareness

  The power of diplomatic questions


Lunchtime session: 12.30 – 13.30

Each lunchtime is an integral part of the course – Lunch begins with either a guest speaker or one of the participants making a brief 5-minute welcoming speech and introduction to a topic of current interest, and this topic will be discussed during the lunchtime. Participants will also be assigned tasks such as finding out as much as they can about the work of the person sitting next to them.

Afternoon session 13.30 – 17.30

The afternoon enables the participants to really get to grips with the language skills learned in the seminar room. A local professional, whose task will be to extend the participants language and make them actively participate, will take responsibility for a group of 3 or 4 participants and involve them in an activity. This activity will be for example:

An introduction to the local business life in the area

A game of golf where the participants practice social/business English

Practice on hosting a group of visitors

A visit to a local enterprise

 Visit to local government offices

and many more options!

A range of possibilities will be offered, and the participants are free to choose the activity which they feel would benefit them most. So, for example, if an engineer would like to spend more than one afternoon discussing production methods during a factory visit, this is possible. Or if a restaurateur would like to visit various restaurants in the area and discuss menus and strategy with hotel and restaurant professionals, we will arrange it, or if an executive needs to practice hosting skills on the golf course – this too can be arranged, or if a lawyer requires contacts with local legal practitioners, these can be arranged. The main emphasis of the afternoon session is to give abundant and real practice of communication with fellow professionals.


Self-study session 17.30 – 19.30

After the intensive seminar and afternoon programme, the participant has the chance to relax and review their notes for the day, or simply listen to a language CD.

Each participant keeps a notebook containing now words and phrases they have learned, strategies and gambits they feel they can put into practice, and also any grammar or structural points the instructors have mentioned – the self study session is the ideal time to review this. Those whose turn it is to make the speeches and presentations in the evening can use this session for preparation.

Who is the course for?

Purely and simply for those people who, in their professional and private lives, meet, converse and do business with foreigners, using the English language, and who want to not only improve their basic language skills, but also wish to learn those other areas of English language communication which are not simply based on grammar.


This is definitely not just another language course, but a carefully structured learning experience which provides intensive practice in those language areas that will create a positive impression on your conversation/negotiation/discussion/meeting partners, how to negotiate successfully, the right word or phrase at the right time, how to use your English knowledge to avoid embarrassing diplomacy blunders. In fact, all those skills which will make your business partners and acquaintances enjoy your company – you can imagine the positive effect this will have on your business.


Positive communication in English does NOT need to be grammatically correct, most of the techniques, gambits and strategies taught during this seminar can be very successfully applied to achieve positive and persuasive communication without needing "perfect grammar".

Successful communication in English is not entirely dependent on good language skills – but also on the use of appropriate words, phrases and responses. Unlike most courses on offer, this course emphasises real communication.


People from all walks of life have participated in Comstar’s seminars - engineers, business people, marketing and sales professionals, legal practitioners, secretaries, politicians, teachers, entrepreneurs, diplomats, restaurateurs, etc.

Those who benefit most from the course are those who have a minimum level of 4 (on a scale of 1 - 9), in other words, an intermediate level, approximately 4 years of school English.

Comstar International Oy primarily uses co-operative learning as the instructional method. Comstar is one of the pioneers of this method in communication training in Scandinavia, and has achieved extraordinarily positive feedback from its clients. This method maximises participant talking time.

The Trainer

The principal trainer on this seminar is Nick Marsh, who will conduct the morning sessions. Nick Marsh, Managing Director of Comstar International Ltd, has over 25 years of experience training Finnish and other nationals in English skills and negotiation language and techniques. Nick Marsh is not just a language trainer, his background includes working as a marketing manager for a major multinational company, and CEO of a major wholesale/import company in Finland.

In addition to his duties for Comstar International, Nick Marsh also works as an export marketing consultant for many Finnish firms, and spends a lot of time representing Finnish companies at negotiations in Finland and abroad. He has written several successful books on the language of business, presentations and negotiation techniques, and has also conducted courses and seminars in the Middle East, the Asia-Pacific region, and the Americas.


Venue and accommodation and transportation

 The seminar will be held at Comstar International’s facilities in Palm Beach/Lake Worth, Florida.

Accommodation will be either at the Hotel Gulfstream of the Palm Beaches (a Holiday Inn), or at the Sungate Motel or similar. Rooms at the Sungate are $59 – 79 per room and rooms at the Gulfstream start from $119.

If needed, cars can be rented from the Sungate Motel, and 4 persons sharing a car would pay around $75 per week each.

Economical flight and accommodation packages can be arranged through Matkatoimisto M-L Lahtinen, Tuiomiokirkkonkatu 17, Tampere, tel 03 – 2541200.


Palm Beach is approximately 25 minutes from West Palm Beach Airport, 45 minutes from Fort Lauderdale Airport, and 90 minutes from Miami International Airport. Airport transfer can be arranged for participants at a nominal fee.


For further information contact: 

                                    Nick Marsh, Comstar International Ltd


                                    tel. Int + 358 3 3490543 (Finland) +44 1458 446427 (UK)