6.1 KEY GRAMMAR REVISION - Past continuous tense

KESTOIMPERFEKTI: Kestoimperfektiä käytetään, kun kerrotaan toiminnoista, jotka jatkuivat menneisyydessä.
Kestoimperfekti muodostetaan käyttämälla WAS tai WERE + pääverbin ING muoto.


At 9.00 John started repairing his car.

At 9..30 John finished repairing his car.

At 9.15 John was repairing his car.

I       working   I was working in my office yesterday evening
He       eating   He was eating when I arrived.
She   was   reading   She was reading the newspaper when the phone rang.
It       raining   It was raining all day yesterday.
You       watching   You were watching a good film.
We   were   relaxing   We were relaxing after the sauna.
They       flying   They were flying home.
I       listening   I’m sorry, I wasn’t listening.
He   was not (wasn’t)   talking   He wasn’t talking to us.
She       writing   She wasn’t writing all the time.
It       snowing   It wasn’t snowing at 8 o’clock.
You       using   You weren’t using the computer.
We   were not (weren’t)   trying   You weren’t trying very hard.
They       living   They weren’t living in Helsinki at the time.
    I   going   I going in the wrong direction?
    he   staying   Was he staying at the Hilton hotel?
Was   she   drinking   Was she drinking coffee or tea?
    it   raining   Was it raining when you came home?
    you   living   Were you living in Helsinki in 1989?
Were   we   driving   Were we driving too fast?
    they   painting   Were they painting the house yesterday afternoon?


Where were you living in 1965? I was living in London.
What were you doing yesterday morning at 8? I was having breakfast
Was it snowing yesterday morning?   Yes, it was snowing yesterday morning.   Yes, it was.  
    No, it wasn’t snowing yesterday morning.   No, it wasn’t.  
Were they listening to the radio?   Yes, they were listening to the radio.   Yes, they were.  
    No, they weren’t listening to the radio.   No, they weren’t.  

When (kun)

We were watching TV when the phone rang.*

I was eating breakfast when the newspaper came.*

* Yleisimperfekti ilmaisee lyhyen tapahtuman.

While (sillä aikaa kun)

I was looking after the children while my wife was studying.**

We were having breakfast while they were getting ** ready.

** Kestoimperfekti ilmaisee jatkuvaa toimintaa.


Jane was having a good time while her husband was working hard


6.2 Dialogue - Dealing with the police

The police are interviewing Jack Denver about a bank robbery

P: Now then, Mr Denver, we’d like to ask you some questions. Where were you yesterday morning?

D: Yesterday morning? What time yesterday morning?

P: Yesterday morning at 7 o’clock. What were you doing at that time?

D: I was at home, I was eating breakfast and listening to the weather forecast on the radio.

P: No, you weren’t. You’re lying to us. You weren’t eating your breakfast. You were in Pont Street. You were sitting in your car waiting for your colleagues to come out of the bank they were robbing.

D: No, I wasn’t. I was at home. Ask my girlfriend, she was with me. We were both eating our breakfast

P: Oh really. Well, we’re going to interview her later. Where is she now?

D: You’re the detective, you find her.

P: You’re not being very helpful Mr Denver. Now then, where were you on March 30th last year.

D: I was in Glasgow.

P: No you weren’t, Mr Denver. You were helping your same colleagues to rob a bank in Brighton. You were driving the getaway car while they were robbing the bank. You were waiting outside Barclays Bank in the High Street. You were driving a blue Ford Escort registration number E 567 HJK.

D: No, I told you. I was in Glasgow. I’ve got an alibi. I can prove I was in Glasgow

P: Oh yeah. Your girlfriend, I suppose.

D: No, I was doing a 3 year sentence in Glasgow prison. I didn’t get out until April. Can I go now?

P: Oh.


6.3 Exercise - Answer these questions

6.5 Exercise - Choose the correct answer

6.6 Pronunciation exercise - Listen and repeat


6.8 Listening comprehension


6.10 Pronunciation practice - Listen and repeat

6.12 Listening comprehension

6.13 Reading practice

6.15 Pronunciation practice


6.19 Reading for pleasure - Keith Moon, Clown Prince of Rock

Hotel managers all over the world became very nervous when they heard that the English rock group "The Who" were coming to stay. Keith Moon, the pop group’s wild-eyed drummer, had a reputation for destroying hotel rooms!

Once he put a small bomb in the toilet in an American hotel room - the explosion made a huge hole in the bathroom floor. One day a hotel manager telephoned to his room to complain that the music was too loud - Keith threw the television out of the window. For ten years Keith Moon wrecked hotel rooms in America, Europe and the Far East. His extraordinary behaviour cost him between £150 000 and £200 000 in damages.

Why did he do it? "When I come off the stage, the momentum is still there. I’m like an express train or a big liner. I need two or three miles to stop". Actor Steve McQueen was his next-door neighbour in Malibu and was very angry when Keith regularly drove his large motorbike over the film star’s lawn.

Keith Moon spent money as fast as he earned it. He spent his money on clothes, cars and having fun. He was also a heavy drinker. He often drank two bottles of brandy and two bottles of champagne a day.

One night Keith was eating in "Tramps", a fashionable London night club, when he saw a beautiful, blonde Swedish girl sitting at a nearby table. He fell in love immediately. He called a waiter, and gave him a large tip and asked him to tell the girl’s boyfriend that there was a telephone call for him. Then Keith went to the girl’s table and introduced himself. The girl’s name was Annette Walter-Lax and she fell in love with Keith and went to live with him in California.

Annette and Beatle Ringo Starr tried to help Keith to stop drinking so much, but it was a very difficult job.

One night in 1978 he went to a party. He was very quiet, he spent most of the time talking about music with Beatle Paul McCartney. He told Paul that he and Annette planned to get married.

Next morning, he was found dead in his bed.


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